Welo Platform

A Better Way of Making Waves

App Design

Welo is a messaging platform crafted to make communication between organizations, activists and supporters more effective and effortless. With this app, Welo hopes to change the way people engage with the causes that are dearest to them.

Iperdesign created a user-friendly and alluring design with the functionalities of social media, allowing users to better connect with one another in order to make big waves in the world. Through the aesthetic of this app we helped Welo get one step closer to its goal.

App Features

Welo App allows users to be able to receive messages and action alerts from groups, organizations and causes they follow. Through security measures identities will always be kept private in the app, ensuring trust between Welo and the user.


Interested in creating your own cause? Welo App allows you to do that. You’ll be able to follow any organizations you’re interested in, and be kept informed about event updates, reminders and calls to action. With your push notifications on, action alerts will go straight to your mobile device, instead of being lost in a cluster of emails or text messages.

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