Rebranding & Brand Refresh Services

Whether you’re ready to make major changes to your business or freshen up your messaging, our expertise as a top branding agency combined with our rebranding and brand refresh services can help your company evolve both your brand identity and your brand strategy.

What’s the Difference Between a Brand Refresh and a Rebrand?

A rebrand typically involves a complete overhaul of your brand strategy and brand identity. There might be pieces of your brand that remain, so your customers still recognize you visually, but on the whole, a rebrand is a fundamental change to everything you’re doing with your business. A brand refresh, on the other hand, can be thought of more as an evolution. You’re staying current with your existing customers, enhancing your visuals, and most importantly, attracting new customers. A brand refresh is about keeping your competitive edge, whereas a rebrand is about restructuring your existing business into something new.

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Why is a Brand Refresh Important?

There are two reasons companies need a brand refresh: their current branding is outdated, or they want to give their customers something to chat about across all your favorite marketing channels. 

A brand refresh is important because it allows you to evolve your brand identity without changing your brand strategy. You can apply a new look, a new voice, and even a new price for your products and services with a brand refresh. You can ditch the logo you created on Canva just to get something on your website for a logo design that’s more polished and professional. You can show your existing customers that you’re paying attention to their needs and evolving with them, while enticing new customers with your modern, relevant messaging. 

That said, a brand refresh done wrong can hurt your business (remember when Staples ditched the Easy Button?). Our branding experts know how to evolve your brand identity to make a positive impact in your market and get your customers talking.

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Why is a Rebrand Important?

There are many different reasons that a business may choose to rebrand, but they typically fall into one of three buckets: you’re making a fundamental shift to your business, you’re struggling to grow beyond your current customer base, or you’ve experienced a hit to your reputation that you can’t overcome. Ultimately, companies rebrand because they can no longer exist the way they are currently. 


A rebrand is important because it allows you to ditch the expectations of your existing brand, so you can focus on a new, future state. It allows you to incorporate a new brand strategy, and even an updated brand identity, so you can create the business your customers need while staying true to your evolved vision.


As a full-service agency that specializes in branding, we understand that a rebrand is really a business revolution. We will help you design a brand based on data, strategy, and competitor research, so you can take on your market with a whole new purpose.

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