Healthcare Digital Marketing Services

Discover our unique approach to patient and HCP engagement across the healthcare and medical industries

Iperdesign is a full-service digital pharma and healthcare marketing and branding agency, and our experts have been dedicated to delivering strategic marketing and versatile digital solutions for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostic, and medical device organizations for over 20 years. We unify smart, effective technology and beautiful design to produce remarkable digital solutions that reach patients, caregivers, nurses, HCPs, and stakeholders.

We Specialize in Integrated Marketing Strategies That Deliver Results for Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Companies:

  • Pharma Branding
  • Medical Marketing
  • BMI Calculator
  • Calorie Calculator
  • Health & Fitness Calculator
  • Healthcare Apps & Trackers
  • Tools for Patient Care
  • eDetailing Platforms

Audience-Centric Solutions for Healthcare Challenges

At Iperdesign, our healthcare marketers partner with global healthcare brands to build quality healthcare solutions for their audiences—whether they’re patients, caregivers, payers, stakeholders, healthcare providers, or other medical professionals. We take time to understand the obstacles you’re experiencing, and we use our decades of experience to build websites, design mobile apps, create web apps, and even rebrand your company from the ground up, so you can differentiate yourself from competitors in the healthcare space. From disease awareness to medical education, health tracking, e-detailing, and so much more, our digital solutions help you boost your audience’s engagement and your ROI. 

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What is Healthcare Marketing?

Healthcare is a journey for both patients and practitioners, and healthcare marketing is the strategic approach to guiding them along that journey. Healthcare marketing should attract new patients, providers, and stakeholders, while also keeping current consumers comforted with where they are in their health and wellness journey. Here at Iperdesign, we partner with Reality RX to take an omnichannel approach to our healthcare marketing, combining our digital expertise and their traditional marketing knowledge to create the perfect integrated approach that meets and exceeds your KPIs.

Those aren’t the only benefits of good healthcare marketing. Additional benefits include:

  • Staying ahead of other healthcare systems in a competitive market
  • Engaging current patients with relevant stories
  • Building loyalty among existing patients
  • Generating additional revenue and leads

Whether you’re a B2B medical organization or a healthcare system serving patients every day, our medical marketing experts can help you elevate both your branding and your marketing to connect with your target audience.

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