Logo Design Services

A great logo design is a key part of your brand identity, and it should also represent your overall brand strategy. Your logo should help build trust with your target audience across all of your marketing channels. Our award-winning logo designers and brand strategists work in partnership to build you a logo that tells your story and creates a connection with your customers.

Why Hire a Logo Design Agency?

We get it. There are a lot of logo design companies online who can churn out a logo with just a small investment. The problem is that they do this for everyone, which means they aren’t factoring in your competition, your unique brand story, and your brand strategy to their final product. 

As a logo design agency that specializes in branding, we understand that logo designs are just one aspect of your brand identity, and they’re a key indicator of your brand strategy. It’s possible that customers will see your logo before they even interact with your brand, so you want to make sure that your logo matches your business goals, brand voice, and customer interests. We’ve worked with a variety of companies—both major corporations and small businesses—to create logos that serve as the opening salvo to their brand story—all within their unique budget.

Create your brand’s first impression. Let’s get started on your logo.

What Are the Different Types of Logos?

There are a wide variety of logo styles that have been created across an endless number of industries. We will always use a combination of your inspiration and business knowledge and our logo design expertise to build the right logo for you. In general, here are some of the most common types of logos that we’ve created for our clients:

  • Wordmark Logos
    These logos consist of a creative take on a company’s name. Think Google or Coca-Cola. Sometimes, it means you’re getting a custom-created font for your brand specifically, or we’ll find the perfect font to match your brand identity. 
  • Emblem Logos or Pictorial Marks
    Emblem logos can contain words inside a symbol, or just the symbol itself, like a crest. These types of logos are commonly seen in the auto industry (think Porche or Dodge Ram), but they can exist in any industry—we’re looking at you, Starbucks and Twitter.
  • Abstract Logos
    Abstract logos are the perfect solution for a brand making a big impact, like the Nike swoosh or the Pepsi bubble. These types of logos rely on metaphor and symbol to create emotion and build meaning, without saying a single word. 
  • Lettermarks & Monogram Logos
    While these are similar to wordmark logos, the difference is that lettermark and monogram logos typically use only the initials of a company or a single letter from the company. While these can be beautiful logos for law and accounting firms, they are a great option for companies with long names (NASA), or companies that have grown beyond their original brand (HBO). 
  • Mascot Logos
    While these are not the most popular logo style, they can be wildly effective in the right industry and for the right business. Just think of businesses like KFC and Colonel Sanders, or Wendy’s and, well, Wendy. Of course, let’s not forget childhood favorite Cap’n Crunch. While mascot logos may be specific to the right business, there’s no disputing that they are the heralds of those businesses’ brand identity. 

The Combination Logo
Some logos don’t fall neatly into a specific category. They end up being some combination, like wordmark and mascot (Lacoste) or emblem and wordmark (Dove). These logos combine the best of each of those categories into a statement logo that builds brand recognition almost immediately.

What type of logo are you interested in building? We’re ready to help.