Brand Identity Design & Brand Guidelines Services

Some of the most fun you can have with your brand starts here with building a brand identity. This is where you get to see your vision come to life at the hands of our creative branding experts. We’ll help you establish colors, fonts, illustrations, imagery (including photoshoots), and a strong logo design to build a brand that inspires your customers.

What is a Brand Identity?

Think of your brand identity as your brand’s personality. Yes, it should be visually compelling, differentiate you from your competitors, and resonate with your customers—both existing and new, but your brand identity should also incorporate any insights you acquired when building your brand strategy. For example, if you want your brand to create confidence in your customers or clients, your brand identity should be built to follow suit with strong colors and bold fonts. The photography you use on your website and social media channels should exude strength and resilience. Ultimately, your brand identity should be a visual representation of your brand strategy, and it should scale across all of your marketing channels.
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Why Does a Brand Identity Matter? Why is it Important?

When customers have a cohesive brand experience, it builds trust. Trust builds loyalty. Loyalty is one of the primary ways you can keep customers coming back and bringing new customers with them. In fact, your brand identity can be the difference between an engaged customer base or just a handful of sales. It is key to meeting your company’s long-term goals.

Once our branding experts establish your brand identity, we’ll build your brand guidelines—the rules of engagement for your brand across all channels and marketing efforts.

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What Are Brand Guidelines and Why Do You Need Them?

Brand guidelines are a set of established rules for how to use your logos, color palette, fonts and typography, illustrations and photography, and more. In some cases, brand guidelines share information about your company’s mission and how you want to connect with your customers. Ultimately, your brand guidelines put your brand identity into writing, so you can ensure everyone from your employees to your social media managers and your partner businesses understand how your brand needs to appear.

Many times, especially with small businesses, brand guidelines are overlooked as a nice-to-have, rather than a must-have. This is especially true for businesses run by a single owner. The problem is that everyone gets busy. Maybe you’re just trying to get a post up before the weekend. Perhaps your email marketing manager made a mistake in a recent email marketing campaign, so you have to design something quick. These are the places where you may feel like your brand should fall to the wayside because you don’t have time to look up that hex code or find the right stock photo. By having established brand guidelines, you can avoid these situations and ensure your customers have a cohesive brand experience with your business no matter what is going on in your life or your employees’ lives.

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