Social Media Branding Services

Like it or not, social media can play a massive role in a brand’s success or failure. Many agencies think of social media branding and social media marketing as the same thing, but as a full-service branding agency, we see them as two separate but crucial pieces to your business’s ability to connect with your customers.

Why Does Social Media Branding Matter?

Your brand needs to exist as a single, cohesive unit no matter what you’re doing—printing product magazines, engaging with customers on social media, or sending an email marketing promo. The photography you use on your website should feel like it’s reflected in the posts you make on your social channels, and the tone you use in your marketing assets needs to match your post content and customer service replies. 

Social media branding matters because your social media channels are the number one place that customers will try to have a one-to-one interaction with your brand. They’ll message you, comment on your posts, like and share your content, shop your store, and ultimately, tag their friends if they like you. If you aren’t creating a cohesive experience for them across all channels, they will notice, and it can have a negative impact on your brand and cause you to lose sales and leads.

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Implement and Improve Your Social Media Branding With Iperdesign

Our branding experts focus on a few key areas to ensure your brand resonates on social media. These areas include:

Your Social Media Brand Identity

If you haven’t yet thought about your brand identity, we can help. If you have a brand identity already established, we’ll ensure your social channels reflect these key visuals. You’ll have a clear plan for your logos, the same channel names across all of social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tiktok, the list goes on…), and the guidance you need to use the right colors and imagery when you post. We’ll also help you establish your voice on social media—which can vary slightly from your website, but it shouldn’t be so drastically different that your customers think your social media manager went rogue (unless that’s part of your brand like Wendy’s). Once you have clear branding, we can help you build a social media marketing plan.

Your Current and Target Audience

Way too many brands waste way too much money trying to talk to people who aren’t their audience. For example, if you’re a brand that offers products for adult men over 55, chances are good that you don’t need a Tiktok profile (that doesn’t mean we won’t get you one, though, to ensure no one takes the name). As an expert branding company, we’ll ensure your social media branding is tailored to the right channels for your audience, and then we’ll help you define the best ways to connect with them to meet their needs.

Your Communication and Content

No brand should post on social media without clear brand guidelines for what is and isn’t allowed in terms of communicating with customers. This is true for everything from Story posts on Instagram to answering customer reviews on Facebook. Whether you’re running your own social media or you have a team of social media marketers at your disposal, they should all know exactly the voice and tone to use everytime they connect with one of your customers.

From there, you should serve your audience content that resonates with them. If your customers prefer video, your content should always be geared toward that preference. If they prefer to be connected with interesting blog articles (that should boost your SEO), you need to serve them content that fits those needs. We will combine market and competitive research with decades of branding expertise to help you understand both the content and posting cadence your audience expects from you.

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