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When Kinetix, also spelled KNTX, opened its doors in 2023, it was with a single goal in mind—help athletes of all shapes, sizes, and skill levels obtain their fitness goals without injury. To achieve this goal, they married both physical therapy and performance training in a single facility staffed by expert Coaches—physical therapists with doctoral degrees or DPTs. As if this wasn’t incentive enough to join the gym, not only can their members train for competitions, recovery, or management of a chronic condition in an exclusive facility, they can also tailor their membership based on how frequently they want to visit and what they want to accomplish.

The Opportunity

As a licensed therapist, certified strength and conditioning specialist, Olympic lifting coach, and more, Kinetix founder, Brendan Clarke, knew his goal was achievable—but he needed a brand that stood out from the competition and disrupted the market. His entire brand, from his logo to his website, content, and more, needed to resonate with potential members that were tired of training and getting hurt at churn-and-burn gyms. While he had a vision, he needed a team that could execute quickly and efficiently—because his facility’s grand opening was only a handful of months away.

The Solution

In a world full of Equinoxes and Crossfits, KNTX needed a brand that resonated with big, bold visuals and clear, concise content—but most importantly, it needed to be a brand easily managed across all channels while it grew its membership. That meant ditching bells and whistles and embracing a clean, high-impact look that members recognized no matter where they were, including walking down the street, scrolling social media, or signing up for a membership online. To match the look, KNTX also needed content that inspired members to choose a fitness facility that put their performance and safety first.

Digital Branding Creates the Perfect First Impression for New Members

When KNTX approached Iperdesign, they had a vision and a timeline. To capture this vision, the digital branding experts started with extensive interviews and research, ensuring every detail of the vision (and some that hadn’t even been considered) was captured to understand the full scope of what was needed. Then, we got to work, creating mood boards and logo options that presented a range of looks based on market research and creative expertise. The Kinetix logo and branding needed to be bold, the colors needed to be strong but not distracting, and the content itself needed to inspire confidence in members. Through a collaborative process, Iperdesign helped KNTX design a logo, multiple lockups, and a color palette that could be used in a variety of ways across both digital branding and digital marketing assets.

Digital Marketing Strategy Resonates With Fitness-Focused Members

Once we established the brand’s look and feel, Iperdesign’s UX/UI experts began work on the KNTX digital footprint—a website where members could learn about the Kinetix mission, method, and membership options. Pairing digital design with content strategy, our content team went to work, implementing SEO-optimized content that conveyed key KNTX messaging. With only limited revisions, each section of the website was meticulously crafted to push Kinetix members through a sales funnel that ends with signing up for a membership. Both content and digital strategy came together with dynamic photography and video to create a cohesive brand experience across every page on the site.

Combining Expertise with Client Goals to Build a Brand That Performs

One of the key reasons for the success of Kinetix’s digital branding and content marketing efforts was collaboration. From the start, we captured every detail of the brand vision, from the way the logo would look on the front of the building to the short, concise messages needed on the website. During each phase of the project, Kinetix and Iperdesign collaborated to ensure we were on target with the vision and the five-month timeline. Our combination of bold design, dynamic content, and high-impact visuals, along with a website easily managed by Kinetix’s owner, ensured a successful (and on-time) launch and grand opening.

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