The B-Team 

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Iperdesign has been the sole sponsor of the B Team since 2022

Starting in 2000, the B-Team Mountain Bike Team has been a regular at competitive races and charity events around the Mid-Atlantic area and beyond.  The general idea behind the team’s name is, “We’re definitely not the A-Team”.

The B Team was started as a 24 Hour Mountain Bike Team and has been competing in a variety of disciplines ever since.  

We may not be fast, but at least we have a cool kit design.

The racing kit worn by the B Team is very recognizable and has always stood out on the course. The team mascot is a bee, and the color has always been black and gold, but there have been various jersey designs over the years. For the 2022 race season, the vibrant gold-and-black kit was redesigned to include a topographical background to represent the team’s off-roading nature. And in 2024, team members will be able to  race in a new “light mode” jersey with a lighter background to combat the heat retention properties of the classic black material. We can’t wait to see these light mode jerseys with the patina of dirt after a 4-hour endurance race. 

Continued race support

Iperdesign is continuing our B Team sponsorship for 2024. We plan to supply members with the new race kits and entry fees, contribute with social posts, and provide general race support. So if you are interested in racing, handing off water bottles at the feed zone or being a part of the B Team entourage in another way, ask us about getting your B Team wear.  We will also have a few items available on our online store soon. 

The design was so successful that we have fans, family members, friends, and race enthusiasts coming up to us to ask about our cycling kits.