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The Wall Street Journal, also referred to as The Journal, is one of the largest newspaper businesses in the United States, with a print circulation of 3.5 million and a digital circulation of over 2.7 million as of 2021. Based in New York City, the newspaper is published daily in broadsheets and online to subscribers only.

The Opportunity

The Wall Street Journal recognized the need to appeal to new readers, but to do that, they needed to strengthen their presence in three main verticals: high schools, public libraries, and amenity-focused businesses including airlines and hotels. They needed to make it easy for these businesses and organizations to find and contact their sales representatives, get their questions answered, and set up subscription programs.

The Solution

The first thing is first, we built a clear landing page for each vertical. Then, we put the power in the hands of the customer: making it easy for them to get answers to their frequently asked questions, access their sales representative, and even learn a few personal touches about their sales representative including how long they’d been working in the field and personal information like how many dogs they had. Then, we integrated these landing pages and marketing efforts with Pardot and Salesforce to make it easy for the sales representatives to reach out to their prospects.

Building a Better Sales Funnel

Each vertical is unique to its customer, and so we treated each landing page with the utmost care, catering to the amenity services industry, public libraries and high schools with unique copy, colors, and solutions. With the brand’s identity clearly established, photography and content were curated to adhere to strict guidelines that ensure a cohesive experience across each site.

Humanizing the Sales Experience

From there, we focused on earning customer trust. This was done by easily answering customer frequently asked questions and sharing information and a print newspaper-stylized headshot of each sales representative. Each sales representative also submitted a bio about themselves that includes how long they’ve worked with The Journal and a few tidbits about their personal lives, including spouse’s names, how many kids they have and their ages, what they like to do with their families and even a little highlight or two about their pets. Under every sales representative’s bio, customers can fill out a form and easily submit a message to the rep. 

Integrating with Pardot and Salesforce

No sales landing pages would be complete without proper integrations. The first key integration involved Salesforce. When a customer filled out a form to submit to the rep, the information was automatically entered into Salesforce, creating leads for the sales representative to easily track and follow up on.

In addition to Salesforce, we also needed to drive people to the new landing pages. We created curated emails and digital campaigns integrated with Pardot to send high schools, libraries, and amenity-focused businesses including hotel chains and airlines. This initiative further reinforced the ease of subscribing to The Wall Street Journal with fun illustrations and eye-catching colors and graphics. 


The Feedback

Since launch, subscriptions across all three verticals have increased, and most importantly, customers and sales representatives love it. Customers no longer have to hunt for the correct sales rep to build a subscription plan, and sales reps are able to maximize their time interacting with interested customers instead of educating them about the services offered to their vertical.

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