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Verte Skincare is a luxury, skincare boutique located in Charleston, SC and owned by Tara Caswell, a licensed esthetician. Verte Skincare combines high-quality, organic products with science-based skin analyses and skincare to produce a sensory journey with real results for their clients.

The Opportunity

Verte Skincare had everything: the right expertise, the right location, and the luxury products that can work for every client. The website, however, did not ring true to the Verte Skincare brand. While it served as a footprint for the boutique, it didn’t reflect the luxury, beauty, or overall aesthetic of Verte Skincare.


The Solution

Verte Skincare connected with Iperdesign to build a new, luxury website for the brand that embraced the French country-meets-shabby chic design style already present in the logo and in the shop’s design. needed inspiring photography and beautiful typography to reflect the brand’s upscale presence, and we combined these elements with third-party integrations to build a beautiful, shoppable website.

Giving the website a glow-up

The original Verte Skincare website was a single-page bookmark for the boutique on the web. Iperdesign partnered with the marketing team and Caswell to build a visual story with every page, speaking to the services offered, the products sold, as well as answering any questions her clientele might have that could be a barrier for them booking an appointment. Then, we created mood boards that shared imagery, typography and color stories we felt would work perfectly with the French design aesthetic. From these mood boards, we built the brand’s visual story with beautiful photography, typography and graphical elements that elevated the luxury skincare brand.

Embracing Caswell’s creative side

Caswell’s passion comes through not just in her mastery of skincare but in the artwork decorating the walls of Verte Skincare. These paintings, created by Caswell, deserved to be showcased on the walls of her website, too. With this idea in mind, we created a space on where photos of Caswell’s work could be showcased and written about, along with the story of how Caswell reinvigorated her love for all things art and beauty.

Luxury assets for a luxury brand

Every detail, from the muted colors with pops of gold highlights and hand-drawn graphical elements to the photography shot on location was meant to tell a story, even if you never read a word on the website. Not only did the photography put Caswell front and center, it showcased the product brands she uses for her clients and her stunning location in downtown Charleston. Now, when visiting her website, customers could get a taste of the upscale services they would receive with Verte Skincare.

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The Feedback

Immediately, Verte Skincare recognized that even as a small business, Iperdesign put every effort in to ensure no detail was overlooked. Not only did Verte Skincare love the design and execution, but their clients did too.

“Iperdesign brings so much to the table.”
The new website has launched and though the official marketing is yet to start, some of the company’s clients have already found it and provided good feedback. The company is sure that they could trust the Iperdesign team’s process and is confident that the site will be popular with users.”


Tara Caswell
Owner, Verte Skincare, LLC

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