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Teleos, a woman-owned and led training firm, is known around the world for its unmatched executive coaching program. Their practice combines Gestalt theory with emotional and social intelligence to build great leaders who practice resonant leadership within their organizations. Their roster of leadership extends across top-tier brands including Gucci, Merrill Lynch, BP, Microsoft, NFL, L’Oreal, and many more.

The Opportunity

Renowned for their development and coaching programs, Teleos had two things working against them—their outdated website didn’t have any ecommerce capabilities. Because of this, their high-end brand wasn’t accurately represented in design, and clients couldn’t make purchases for their workshops and programs without needing a Teleos representative to step in. While Teleos believes in this sort of white-glove treatment of all clients for major leadership initiatives, it became apparent that they were missing opportunities with clients who wanted to book on their own.

The Solution

Two important goals needed to be reached for Teleos: 1. They needed a site that visually represented the influence they have over leaders around the world. It needed to be bold, crisp, and clear, and it needed to instill confidence in visitors before they even decided to book a service. 2. It needed to have ecommerce functionality so that a client could choose to book a service on their own time without needing to contact Teleos first. This allowed some level of independence for the client while still ensuring that Teleos could still be there every step of the way during the booking process and, eventually, the workshops and programs.

Digital Design Elevates the Teleos Online Experience

The outdated look of Teleos’s former website did not match the cutting edge theory and technology they utilize in their workshops and coach certification programs. We leveraged our digital branding expertise and identified the brand colors, styling, fonts, and imagery the site required to make a visual impact. We chose bold colors and built creative to match to impress confidence in visitors and attendees. Additionally, we built moodboards of photography to inspire Teleos’s photoshoots to ensure they were highlighting their community of coaches, learners and changemakers.

Adding Ecommerce Technology to the Rebranded Experience

In addition to the digital branding overhaul, we also needed to create an ecommerce experience that allowed site visitors to sign up for and purchase workshops and certification courses. There are several ways to get in touch with the leaders at Teleos. First, customers can fill out a general information form to be contacted by a Teleos representative. They also have the option to call. With this site redesign, we added the ability to register for and purchase certain workshops and training sessions on the website, creating convenience for clients. 

Helping Teleos Create Leaders Who Move the World

Throughout the project, we worked to ensure that our design, branding, and functionality represented the work Teleos does internationally to help leaders grow. A combination of updated colors, fonts, and style combined with ecommerce functionality ensures the Teleos website matches the Teleos brand’s renown. 

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