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Based in Philadelphia, Filmiamo is a small but mighty video production team that works across the United States and around the globe. Their incredible storytelling style, along with their ability to pick up and travel anywhere, makes them highly in demand for major brands. Best of all, they don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, they customize their services to ensure that their client’s vision, brand voice, and specific needs are all met.

The Opportunity

Filmiamo specializes in video storytelling, and they needed a website and branding that embraced their style and aesthetic while showcasing their incredible client work. The information on the site needed to be organized, and like with their projects, it needed to tell Filmiamo’s story.

The Solution

Iperdesign stepped in with our digital branding and digital marketing expertise to create a website with clean design, inspiring copy, and easy-to-navigate UX. While our goal was always to ensure Filmiamo’s site and branding resonated with customers, we also ensured it didn’t lose its small-team-big-results vibe.

Creating the Backdrop for Visual Storytellers

It only takes a few seconds to check out Filmiamo’s breadth of work in order to realize they know how to tell a story. Their ability to capture important, intimate moments in a documentary-film style is one of their many strengths, and it needed to be reflected in their site’s design and branding. To clearly articulate what they do, why they do it, and who they do it for, we kept things simple from a limited site navigation to understated design meant to be the backdrop of Filmiamo’s creative. Because their work is so awe-inspiring, we ensured that nothing happening on the actual website would detract from their story.

That’s not to say we don’t know how to make a statement. In fact, when it came to reinforcing the Filmiamo message that they will travel anywhere, we built a comprehensive, interactive map of the United States with their filming locations marked. Each mark allows the site visitor to click and open the video that was created in that location. It’s the perfect way to reinforce Filmiamo’s ability to make film magic in any part of the world.

Designing a Logo that Resonates with Clients

In addition to a new website, Filmiamo also needed a logo that creatively showed what they did as a video production company. We built several different versions along with stories that could accompany each logo—further reinforcing the storytelling nature of Filmiamo’s work. Once Filmiamo chose 3-4 logo options, we mocked up wireframes with the digital branding, ensuring the client could better visualize exactly what the new site and branding would look like when it went live.

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The Feedback

We pride ourselves on working with clients of all sizes, budgets, and interests. Our work with Filmiamo allowed us to flex those skills and showcase their brand in a way they were proud of. In fact, they wrote:

“Everyone I’ve shown the logo, wireframes and colors to is very excited. Everything is sleek and simple. In fact, the final delivery met my expectations, and the process they took to get there exceeded my expectations…I can’t help but think I’m one of their smaller clients, but they treat me like an important player.”

Luke Rafferty
Co-Founder of Filmiamo Productions

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