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Building a Digital Branding and Marketing Reality for Bracco



Bracco is a leader in diagnostic imaging within the global healthcare sector. One of their primary products is contrast agents. These medical substances are used to improve both the diagnostic accuracy of biomedical imaging and the care of patients affected by diseases of varying types and severity.

The Opportunity

Bracco regularly works with RealityRx Communication, a healthcare marketing agency that excels in traditional marketing campaigns. When Bracco approached REALITYRx for five new product websites, they made the call to Iperdesign. As partners, we regularly work with REALITYRx when they need digital solutions for their clients and that was exactly what Bracco required. Each of Bracco’s five websites within their diagnostic imaging verticals needed to be fully designed and developed. These sites also needed sales and marketing integrations that made lead capture easier and customer acquisition less time-consuming. Additionally, some of the sites required ChatBot features to answer questions customers have in a timely fashion without taxing the sales team.

The Solution

SmartInject, MultiHance, Isovue, Bracco Reimbursement, and Varibar, for the Bracco line of products. Each website served as a unique, informative home for the product, while still feeling like it was within a family under the Bracco umbrella. This unified UX ensured that Bracco could be trained to easily update each site via WordPress without having to learn multiple UIs. We also integrated each vertical with both Salesforce and the Pardot marketing automation platform, allowing Bracco to more easily collect, connect with, and market to leads.

Designing in the Healthcare Space

Creating great web design is important in any industry, but in the healthcare industry, great web design also needs to match with the right patient and provider information to ensure each site is compliant with its legal requirements. Using smart, sleek designs, we ensured every customer could learn about the products while easily obtaining the Important Safety Information and Indications and Usage whether they were on a desktop or mobile device. Additionally, we highlighted the products with beautiful, eyecatching imagery that engages the customer and makes them want to learn about Bracco’s offerings.

Connecting Great Design and Lead Generation

Every piece of the design, from fonts to colors to the icons used on every page, was unique to Iperdesign’s creative experts. While we needed clean visuals that didn’t distract from important product information and messaging, the five sites aren’t solely designed around their appearance. Rather, each site is built with the sales funnel in mind, so to capture the leads, we integrated every website with Salesforce and Pardot marketing automation. Customers can request more information, schedule product demos, and so much more. 

Additionally, we connected the product sites that receive the most customer queries with ChatBot functionality; this way, if a customer has one of many frequently asked questions, it can be answered directly, or Bracco can obtain their information to answer their question and potentially make a future sale. 

Now, Bracco has multiple ways to collect customer information and reach out to individuals in order to finalize sales.

Offering Customer Resources for Reimbursement

Bracco knew that sometimes, customers and patients struggled with the reimbursement process, whether it was insurance codes for modalities or simply affording treatment. Because of this, we created a two-prong approach: we devoted a landing page on each product site to reimbursement assistance and built a separate website to serve as a central hub on all things reimbursement. Both solutions offer insights into the process and easy-to-access contact information. Plus, customers can also find patient and caregiver brochures on this site, which can easily be printed and handed out during an office visit. This one-stop shop for all customer and patient needs makes it easier than ever to benefit from Bracco products.

Our visual updates, UX/UI stylesheets, and sales and marketing integrations gave Bracco the product updates it needed to continue to thrive in the diagnostic imaging industry. No matter the size of the project, we were happy to step up and help our partners at REALITYRx deliver a portfolio of websites that aid Bracco in seeing results.


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