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Blossoming Behavior is more than just an applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy service for autistic and neurodivergent clients and their families. They offer an integrated, family-based, heart-centric therapy approach that focuses on family integration and cultural respect. Their therapists collaborate with families across the New York Tri-State area, connecting with and educating parents, siblings, peers and caregivers to help address a family member’s challenging behaviors and modify them in a way that brings everyone closer together.

The Opportunity

When Shoba Bharratt-Gigantino and Dr. Stephanie Augustin founded Blossoming Behavior, it was with the intention to take all their learnings from larger ABA agencies and provide a warmer, more personal approach for families in need. While they are both expert behavior analysts, they weren’t happy with how their mission was reflected in their branding and content. They needed an overhaul of their brand to add warmth and professional polish to the work they do, along with content that could be easily understood by clients and search engines.

The Solution

The Iperdesign branding and design experts took the branding foundation that Blossoming Behavior built and both enhanced and refined it, providing clear style direction and fresh design to elevate their digital branding to the next level—while keeping elements of the original design to retain a sense of familiarity for existing clients. The entire Blossoming Behavior website was then reshaped with our new branding, engaging content, and beautiful visuals. We also implemented an initial submission form so interested families could begin the process of scheduling their first consultation.

Providing a Fresh Look to a Familiar Brand

To say the initial interview, research, and profiling aspects of our engagement with Blossoming Behavior were intensive would be an understatement. To capture every detail of the co-founders’ visions, it was important for our team to understand the business, the business’s needs, and the best way to communicate Blossoming Behavior’s mission. With this information, we approached Blossoming Behavior as a hybrid digital branding project. There were some elements that needed to be recreated from scratch, and there were others that needed to be built upon in order to retain a sense of familiarity for the families they serve.

The aspects we kept were certain elements of color and a friendly font, both of which were warm and inviting, and conveyed the professionalism required for Blossoming Behavior’s service. Adding to these elements, we built a unique color palette that added energetic pops of color and chose a friendly script for the typography, both of which were carried across all branding and the website. With these pillars established, we built the new Blossoming Behavior logo, complete with a flower and a little bee hiding within its petals.

Building a Website That Feels Like Home

Two things were necessary when we started the redesign of the website—the content needed to explain Blossoming Behavior’s mission and inform their clients’ decisions to seek service, and the design needed to embrace that heart-centric, family approach. In short, the website needed to read and feel like a safe home for clients who needed Blossoming Behavior.

We implemented a two-prong approach. Our content strategists clearly defined the most important content elements that needed to be on the website, and our UX/UI designers built a website that was both functional from a business perspective but also accessible and visually stimulating—two important factors for Blossoming Behavior’s clients. The end result was a welcoming introduction to ABA services that would leave future clients feeling educated, comfortable, and most importantly, safe to move forward with a consultation. Both the vision and the design, combined with inviting, informative copy, now serve as the biggest visual differentiators from any competitors of Blossoming Behavior.

The Result

In the end, the experts at Iperdesign produced a warm, welcoming brand that carried across all of Blossoming Behavior’s digital assets, including their website. Now, both Augustin and Bharrat-Gigantino have a website that serves as the perfect first touchpoint for people who are neurodivergent and on the autism spectrum, as well as their families.

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