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Startup Solutions

Where Ideas Meets Reality

If you’re a budding or seasoned entrepreneur with an idea or startup plan, we can make it a reality.
Iperdesign will help you sculpt your business idea from scratch and make it market-ready.

We offer a complete bundle of services that can help you procure funding and take your business to market.

Startup Bundle includes:

  • Consulting services to shape your idea
  • Consulting services to define technology strategy
  • UX Strategy and Design
  • UI Strategy and Design
  • Server Setup
  • Database Design
  • Back End and CMS
  • Web Services and API integrations
  • Web Application for desktop and mobile devices (responsive)
  • Native iOS App for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch
  • Native Android App for smartphone, tablet and wearable Android
  • Microsite for the Launch
  • Video Presentation
  • Brand Strategy and Design


Our digital agency can assist you from concept to deployment or any intermediate phases.

Web App, iOS, or Android?

What’s the best approach? Should your web app work on every device? Iperdesign will help you choose and implement the right approach for your company. Native apps are usually the answer because they take advantage of the device’s features and are scalable with a better user experience.

Do I have all the resources I need?

Whether you need an iOS development team or just UX – UI design support, we can assist you. Iperdesign can supplement resources to take your project to completion. Our team of experts will work with your resources or IT department to get the job done efficiently and on schedule.

Do I have enough budget?

We understand that the budget for startups is usually tight. Together, we can develop a road map that will allow your company to prioritize projects based on milestones and investment rounds.

How soon can it be done?

Speed and execution is essential to take products to market. Our team of professional are capable of efficiently and effectively working on multiple projects and platforms simultaneously

Iperdesign has decades of experience and knowledge available to you. Drop a line, request an estimate.