Staying tru to a brand.

Retargeting your audience

Iperdesign was tasked with making banner ads, targeted emails and brochures for TruStage. The aim of which was to not only attract a new audience but to retarget existing policyholders.

Picking a platform

The banner ads were part of a retargeting campaign that would be rolled out on many different platforms including Pandora, Facebook, CNN, Weather Channel and many others.


Email templates

TruStage wanted an email template strategy for their new and existing policyholders. We worked with them on a variety of designs they could easily send to their users. These covered everyday business scenarios such as notifications, requesting more information and billing.


Stylized graphics

We created a custom icon set to aid with visibility and user-friendliness when navigating through the emails and printed brochures. The icons represent different forms of insurance, helps icons and what the user needs to proceed.


Collateral & branding

We translated the new branding across different areas of both printed and digital material to produce a unified look and feel. This helped the whole project have a cohesive look and took TruStage’s marketing materials to a new level.