Renal Chart

A Life-Saving, Award-Winning App

Renal Chart is a health care app that helps doctors diagnose patients at risk for kidney issues using an advanced algorithm.

Iperdesign designed and engineered Renal Chart to be an effective health care tool with easy usability, for both doctors and patients.

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Awarded Best App for Health Professionals 2014

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A Crucial Medical App

Renal Chart helps physicians determine patient risk for Chronic Renal Disease, which currently has no cure and is only treatable through early detection.

Iperdesign intelligently crafted Renal Chart so doctors can easily input key patient characteristics and data to obtain a prognosis.

AboutPharma Digital Award 2014

Renal Chart earned international praise when it was awarded as the top health care app at the 2014 AboutPharma Digital Awards. The award is one of the the most recognized and coveted prizes in health care enterprise.


Functionality is key for doctors inputting data and interacting with patients. Iperdesign engineered Renal Chart so doctors can seamlessly input patient values and, through a clever infographic chart, identify Renal risk levels and then begin care based off the prognosis.

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