A Platform for New Ideas

ItaliaCamp is an innovative startup accelerator for burgeoning entrepreneurs, forging a large community of dynamic professionals with exciting ideas.

Iperdesign helped ItaliaCamp launch an interactive web platform to manage all institutional activities and serve as a communal hub for members. Users publish their ideas, share news, and find out about events.

UX Design

Our team analyzed ItaliaCamp’s goals to fully understand the needs of members. We created over 100 mockups to test UX before finding the perfect solution.


Interactive Project Links

One of the most unique and stunning features Iperdesign created for ItaliaCamp’s web platform is the live linking infographic. This interactive framework allows users to navigate through various projects and events, and see the links and connections between them.


Ideas and creators

The platform’s ultimate objective is to collect and present innovative concepts. Members can register and publicly post their ideas.


Research ideas

Smart professionals are always on the lookout for a good idea. ItaliaCamp’s platform makes it easy to search via tag clouds, text search, or filtering by location and date.

Microsite builder

To help members launch their concepts, Iperdesign created a microsite builder so users could pitch and vet their ideas with a beautiful and responsive microsite.