Got Your Back U

Massaging a website to life

We’ve got your back

We were tasked with fully overhauling the website for GotYourBack-U an online educational extension of GotYourBack which is a leading company in the massage and wellness field. The website was mainly focused upon e-learning and making the branding consistent across all pages.


Learning management

GotYourBack-U has hundreds of different courses available to wellness practitioners that needed to be integrated within the website. We used a Learning Management System to make all of the online courses highly responsive with lessons, quizzes, progress tracking and certificates upon completion. These were all branded accordingly and included a user friendly UI to cut down on user issues in the future.


Simple course filtering and categorization

Students needed a way to filter the courses based on their needs. We added different categories such as ‘Free Courses’ and tags such as ‘Deep Tissue’ to allow students to find exactly what they needed.

Course Content

Each course has it’s own in depth description for which we designed a user interface that could display large amounts of information in a clear way.


Course UI

The classes are formatted in a simple way that guides the user through each topic allowing them to read and follow along at their own pace.


Students needed an account that worked for them and allowed for the purchase of multiple courses. The e-commerce platform we integrated within the website was fully branded to seamlessly match the rest of the GotYourBack-U website.



The website also has a login system that allows for account creation. This means the students can sign up with their email to keep track of all their courses and progress while keeping private information safe.

Powerful management tools


Course settings

The course settings gives the Got Your Back-U teachers a number of tools that they can use to modify the look and feel of the courses they produce for students.


Course builder

The lessons can be customized in order of information and broken down into subsections to make sure each topic is covered in-depth in an easy to follow way.


Plugin Integration

We implemented specific LMS plugins to add a lot more depth to the system’s overall customization.

Brand Identity


We designed a calming professional color scheme and typeface alongside custom iconography which is specific to the wellness industry.

Color Palette