Dale Carnegie

How to win friends and influence people through design

Explaining the complex

For over 100 years the Dale Carnegie course has been taught to people wanting to improve their public speaking ability and confidence. Over time the topics addressed have expanded into a curriculum that exceeds one hundred different titles. These include training on everything from leadership abilities to sales, presentations and even people skills.

iperdesign was set the task of designing the Dale Carnegie course and seminar catalogue. To accompany them we also made infographics, whitepapers and worksheets.

Staying on course

Each of the courses that Dale Carnegie offers is very complex and often has a lot of information for the attendee to digest. iperdesign created custom infographics to accompany presentations, to help attendees break down the information being presented, both quickly and effectively.

Achieving clarity

We used a very clear layout on all pages within the catalog in order to make information readily accessible. Alongside the course specification the catalogs say who should attend, what they’ll learn and also gives the schedule throughout America. The courses are available in every state at multiple locations, so it was imperative that the information is as crisp and legible as possible.