Dale Carnegie Leadership Apps

Gamifying Business Traning

Following the accomplishments of the Secrets of Success app, Iperdesign created a new series of Dale Carnegie Training apps designed for managers who want quick tips to improve their leadership skills. The Dale Carnegie Leadership series includes three different applications, each dedicated to a specific section of the Dale Carnegie training program.

Featuring enhanced interactions, gamification, and updated lessons, the Dale Carnegie leadership apps make business training accessible to leaders everywhere.


The skills leaders need to guide their organization

Company Leadership

Dale Carnegie Training wanted to reach more young professionals on modern platforms. Mobile apps were the answer. Today’s corporate leaders now access Dale Carnegie’s teachings directly from their smartphones.


Your personal guide to bettering business performance

Personal Leadership

We helped Dale Carnegie training gamify and enhance personal leadership training programs.


An app to build and manage great teams

Team Leadership

The app enables leaders to manage a team that is united, cohesive, and cooperative.