Simplifying a Complex Brand

Convergent Technologies Inc. works with businesses to manage and maintain complex IT systems and strategies. The firm needed a reinvigorated brand identity to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Iperdesign rebranded Convergent Technologies as “CTI” and created three main pillars of service that corresponded with the sprightly new identity. This refreshed identity reflected CTI’s direct, accessible, and knowledgeable core values. Iperdesign then applied the new branding to redesign and restructure CTI’s website for better customer interaction.

CTI Brand Design

Iperdesign synthesized CTI’s capabilities into three pillars business: sourcing, management, and technology. The new sleek, modern logo and identity represents these pillars and CTI’s abilities to simplify complex IT systems and integration.


Proportionate Measure


Brand Strategy

The new symbolic RGB model was then implemented across sales and marketing collateral to build a recognizable brand for every service.



Iperdesign created original icons and imagery to correspond with the new logo and symbolize CTI’s ability to simplify even the most complex IT entanglements.



CTI’s sourcing pillar is represented by a blue color palette to represent insight, reputation, and a competitive edge. The corresponding icons represent experience and wisdom.



CTI’s technology pillar is represented by a green color palette alludes to innovation, performance, and sophistication.

Web Design and Development

Iperdesign worked collaboratively with CTI to redesign and restructure their website. We applied the reinvigorated brand identity to the design and streamlined content to improve user experience and points of contact.

Introducing Team CTI

Iperdesign redesigned the website to highlight CTI’s team of experts. We integrated the brand with Cloud, Connectivity, and Mobility covered throughout the website.