A Disease Management App

Tracking Care for Multiple Myeloma Patients

Multiple Myeloma is a rare form of cancer that requires serious care and innovative solutions.

Iperdesign partnered with a leading pharmaceutical company to develop an app to track this very serious disease. The app supports caregivers and patients, helping them track essential nutritional data, organize treatments, as well as other medical reminders. We have recently updated the user interface and experience, to further enhance this patient tool.

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Simple and Intuitive Features

Iperdesign created a simplified UI to let patients easily navigate and input vital nutritional and health data, whether they are tracking symptoms or taking notes. All data is recorded in an easily accessible dashboard that can be shared with physicians.

App Features

  • Calendar: Organize appointments, treatment schedules, and medication reminders
  • Profile: Input personal stats and insurance info
  • Treatments: Track prescriptions, dosages, and vitamin supplements
  • Dashboard: Create reports of lab results, treatments, and symptoms

  • Contacts: Store contact info of health care professionals
  • Resources:About the App, how to report side effects, about Multiple Myeloma
  • Lab ResultsGenerate reports and store data from lab results
  • Daily Log: Enter daily weight and how much water and/or fluids the patient consumes

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Easy Navigation

The app utilizes dual menus, which are formatted to facilitate navigation. This gives the user an overall more interactive experience, empowering them to track their health.

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Sharable Dashboard

All data points can be stored and shared within the app to help patients, caregivers, and physicians keep track of vital information.

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Secure Profile and Medical History

Your profile and medical information is password protected and native to the app.

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At the heart of the patient app is an easy-to-use calendar that visualizes all appointments, lab results, treatments, and medications.

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Patient Inputs

Patients can keep track of fluid intake and weight to report back to physicians. Keeping their health on track.