Bracco Sales Enabler

Seamless sales and marketing platform

Bracco is a pharmaceutical and diagnostics company with a large sales force that shares their products with clients all over the world.

Iperdesign was tasked with creating a sales-enabling platform that seamlessly integrated sales and marketing material in a flexible, mobile format. We created an entire sales and marketing content management app that instantly updates content, tracks sales rep’s activities, and creates analytics reports.


CRM Integration

We connected the app to Bracco’s back-end system, allowing managers to view and analyze and share sales statistics and data.


Test Mode

Marketing personnel can instantly update sales content for sales reps to use on-site with clients. A test mode allows the marketing department to view the changes to content before being published live.


Syncing Files

Sales personnel can update files in the background while still using the app.



Sales reps can organize and schedule presentations, and use the app to present material.


Sending Documents

Administrators and others can send documents, statistics, and files to organized groups or specific individuals.


Calendar Function

Administrators can be constantly updated on clients meetings and programming, and if there are cancellations or changes in schedules.

Admin Panel

Administrators can access back-end systems and manage roles, edit and review files, access specific statistics, and activate customized push notifications.


CRM Integration

Seamless synchronization with CRM, allowing users to manage access, view analytics, and connect to Salesforce and contacts.


GPS Tracking and Push Notifications

Administrators can view where users are using the app all over the world. GPS tracking allows general or detailed location info. The management panel allows admins to access a history of push notifications sent to users.


Publishing and Revising Files

Marketing personnel can upload new or revise old content, as well as manage permissions.


User Analytics

Administrators can view user data and statistics, and where they’re using the app.