Adria Gaming

Integrating Service Calls and CRM

Adria Gaming is a subsidiary of Novomatic, a casino and gaming company based in Italy with operations in 45 countries and over 23,000 employees.

Iperdesign devised an inventive ticket management system to help Adria Gaming service dysfunctional gaming equipment. The all-in-one app allows repair workers to service machines, instantaneously update repair status, close service tickets, and automatically bill invoices.


Service Ticket

When a request is made, a service ticket is assigned to a specific technician. Each request is processed in four phases until the job is finished and the ticket is closed.

Offline Management

One of the essential requests from the client was that the app could function offline. Iperdesign ensured that technicians can enter data to update and close service tickets even without an internet connection. Once the technician is back online, the app automatically updates the information.


Closing Service Tickets

Once the service is completed, customers can sign invoices via touchscreen.


Invoice Signatures

After a customer signs an invoice, the app automatically sends all data to Adria’s CRM and the customer. Other add-ons include the ability to attach photos and pdf reports to completed service reports.