A Tea with Ana

Have you ever sat down with someone and just know you’re not the smartest person at the table? Welcome to our tea with Ana, our newest hire and inspiration at Iperdesign. Her incredible talent, breadth of knowledge, and ability to speak multiple—yes, multiple—languages are just the tip of the iceberg. We sat down with Ana for a chat over a cup of tea to find out more about her and to introduce her as the newest member of our team.

What’s your favorite drink order? 

It depends. I love a decaf coconut milk latte, but I also enjoy ginger turmeric tea.

What is your role at Iperdesign?


What are some of your current goals?

On a work level, my goal is to make Iperdesign clients more successful and achieve their goals as a company. I love seeing the potential that a company has and then bringing out the rockstar that is hiding beneath. It’s what gets me fired up about my job.

On a personal level, I am working on a few illustration projects that I plan to have done by the beginning of next year.

What is one writing or designing pet peeve of yours?

My biggest pet peeve is when the client is rushing me to finish a project, and I do but then they don’t get back to me for a long time. It happens way too often, unfortunately.

When you show people around Philadelphia, where do you take them first?

My favorite restaurants are Honey’s for breakfast, Sky Cafe for lunch, and Murph’s for dinner. 

If you weren’t at work today, what would you be doing?

I’d be working on my illustrations. I also like to go to a coffee shop next to my house and read for a little bit, so I might do that as well.

Do you have any music or podcast recommendations?

My podcast recommendation is “Our Thing” with Sammy The Bull. I was obsessed with this podcast last winter. Sammy The Bull was Cosa Nostra’s hitman.

Any hidden skills or talents?

I speak four languages fluently, and I’m on my way to learn Spanish as well. I also did ballet for ten years and sang in a Slavic choir for five years. I also design and make clothes. In fact, when it’s really cold in Philly, I like to spend a few hours in my sewing studio.

Who is someone you admire and why?

I admire Al Jourgensen from Ministry. This guy pretty much invented Industrial music. That sort of thing draws my attention and curiosity. I admire any artist that does something revolutionary.

If you were to write an autobiography what would the title be?

Life 101 – What Really Matters and What Does Not

Subtitle – A Guide for Millenials