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Digital Design Trends of 2022

It’s no secret: Great design is crucial to both successful campaigns and brands that want to resonate with customers. But each year, like Pantone colors, design trends change based on everything from fashion to political influence. And of course, what resonates in the United States doesn’t always resonate globally. So how do you stay on top of trends whether you’re a big corporation launching a multi-million dollar campaign or a small business looking for a little bit of a facelift? That’s the exact question we’re being asked by the many brands and businesses we help each year, so we’ve compiled a list of where we think digital design is going to go in 2022.

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash.

1. Inclusive design

This has always been important, but it’s now all but being demanded by consumers across the board and rightfully so. 2022 design trends are going to be more than simply including Black and people of color, whether illustrative or lifestyle. It’s about being inclusive of different cultures, with unique colors and patterns that haven’t always been mainstream. We also see this design inclusivity expanding to equality when it comes to LGBTQIA-frendly creative.

Not only is this important for equal representation across all genders, races, body types and sexualities, but it’s important for brands who want to put a line in the sand and show that they’re not only going to sell to diverse communities, they’ll embrace and represent them too.


Photo by Thirdman from Pexels

2. Geometric design

Remember when color blocking was a fashion must? This is going to be similar to that, except with fun shapes, unique color schemes, and visually interesting layouts that we expect will be in not only static creative but in website designs as well. We are already seeing this a little bit in various logo designs across both big and small brands, but this eye-catching style is going to be big in 2022, so be ready.


by szurikátá for Goh! Organics

3. Hand-drawn design

More and more brands are looking to individual artists to help them build a brand identity. These hand-drawn designs can be seen in everything from logos to website assets, and they’re only going to get more and more popular through 2022. For those who love a little marketing nostalgia, this trend is going to hit home in a lot of ways. It’s almost like a nod back to the days of all hand-drawn marketing in the 60s and 70s, where we weren’t relying on tablets and Adobe to both create and provide high-quality images.


4. Nature-inspired design

We aren’t exactly sure what’s behind the resurgence of natural, organic imagery and artwork we’ve been seeing (and expect to continue seeing in 2022 in big ways). Perhaps it’s the global shift toward eco-conscious consumerism, the focus on climate change, and the much-needed unplugging from all of the various systems of technology that surround us. No matter what the reason, nature is going to play a big role in design in 2022, as brands seek to capture the calming joy that comes with these images.

We don’t just see waves becoming popular backgrounds, either. We expect iconography to pop up as well as the juxtaposition of nature and other trends listed here. For example, check out this logo from one of our favorite clients: Verte Skincare. Nature meets the hand-drawn aesthetic.


Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

5. Typography

Typography has always been popular. Brands like Netflix, Lego, Canon, Coca Cola and even Google embrace typography throughout their identity, including their logos. Some brands have even taken their love of typography to a whole new level, inventing their own fonts (We’re looking at you, Netflix Sans.) But businesses have been embracing typography for a while, so why now? Why are we calling it a 2022 trend?

Political statements are being made across the country and the globe in the form of human rights movements and political uprisings. These crucial messages of the people are being carried on something as simple as cardboard and poster board. And sometimes, that’s all you need—big words and passion. So why wouldn’t brands capitalize on this thought-provoking aesthetic? While we expect brands to embrace other trends, like geometric patterns and even the nature-focused style, with their typography, we also expect to see big, bold messages across a single field of color a lot more in 2022.

There are likely to be many more trends developing over the course of the year, but these five trends strike us as the most popular that brands will be looking to embrace. Do you need help designing the right campaign for your customers? We can help.