Why Hire a Digital Marketing Agency? Here Are 5 Reasons

Whether you’re a small business looking to get off the ground or a big brand with hundreds or even thousands of employees, you should think about hiring a digital marketing agency. We know, that’s a big claim, but we’re not making it without good reason. In today’s market, there are countless factors that businesses need to consider in their marketing, and there are endless options for technologies that can help you with your marketing.

More and more, we’re hearing from clients that it’s harder than ever to keep the right, qualified professionals on staff. Jobs that have always been in-house are now being outsourced to qualified digital marketing agencies that know how to analyze trends and data and employ the right tools for any marketing strategy.

If you’re still on the fence, here are our top 5 reasons why you need to bring a digital marketing agency to the table for your next big campaign:


1. You’re an expert in your business.

This is obvious, right? But it’s easily forgotten when you’re trying to sell a big product, come out with a whole new look, or reach an untapped audience. But you wouldn’t let a carpenter do your taxes, so why, as a business owner, would you not hire experts for your digital marketing? The best part of this isn’t just that you’re going to get a great piece of digital marketing out of the deal, it’s that you now have more time to continue running and growing your business because you aren’t tied up trying to learn how to use digital marketing to your advantage.


2. Cut costs. (Yes, really.)

If you’re going to hire digital marketing experts (like what you’d get with a seasoned digital marketing agency), you’re going to pay handsomely. We’re talking salaries, bonuses, vacation time, benefits, you name it. It costs a great deal of money to build your own marketing team, and if you’re going to try to do it yourself, it’s going to cost you time (which is money) learning how to do your digital marketing correctly. If you go that route, chances are, it still won’t give you the biggest bang for your buck like you’d get with an agency.

As an added benefit along with saving costs, there are plenty of agencies, Iperdesign included, that will teach you what we’re doing. Certainly, this isn’t going to make you an expert overnight, but it’s a great step forward in learning from experts and getting a great campaign.


3. No need to purchase anything additional.

A digital marketing agency doesn’t just come with experts ready to rocket your campaign into orbit, we come with the tools for the trade. This means there are no extra platforms you need to purchase, no subscription fees, etc. Agencies can set you up with exactly what you need at a much lower cost than you would pay for it yourself, in most instances.

This doesn’t mean, of course, that they won’t suggest a tool or plugin that would benefit your business. But in most cases, a lot can be accomplished without any major cost implications because your agency brings what you need to the table to get the job done.


4. Reports. Lots of reports.

Measurable results are important when it comes to any campaign, big or small, because they tell you whether what you did was right or wrong. They can also give you a pretty good idea of how to optimize the next time you run a campaign.

Agencies provide reports throughout a campaign (and if you’re talking to someone that doesn’t, turn and walk the other way.) These reports will allow you to pivot your campaign tactics if you need to, increase spending if things are going well, or simply learn from what you’re doing.

These results should also tie to goals, too. No one runs a marketing campaign without a goal in mind, and a good digital marketing agency should tie everything they do to furthering those goals.


5. You’re learning, too. 

What’s the old saying? “Surround yourself with smarter people.” You’re an expert in your business, and without you, digital marketing agencies wouldn’t exist. But digital marketing agencies are the experts in what they do, so why wouldn’t you bring them to the table? It’s an excellent way to learn and grow as a business person. It can also help build relationships outside of your business. A good agency will share contacts with you that can help you grow outside of their knowledge and expertise too, so if there’s something they can’t do, they can find you someone who can.

We get it: hiring an agency is a big decision, and it can feel daunting. That’s why it’s important to find the right agency for you and your team. The right digital marketing agency should feel like your own in-house team, and they should work just as hard to further your business’s goals. Without your success, they aren’t successful either. So next time, instead of trying to pull together a campaign, reach out to us to start a project. We’re here to help.