A Coffee With Sarah

Tearing Sarah from her keyboard to actually have coffee wasn’t so hard, once we said “Starbucks Grande Nitro Cold Brew.” In addition to her favorite drink, we chatted with her about her new role as SEO Specialist and Senior Writer at Iperdesign, and we spent some time getting to know her. Here’s what we learned.

What is your role at Iperdesign?

I am the SEO Specialist and Senior Writer here at Iperdesign. I have the pleasure of helping clients optimize their websites for Google (let’s be honest, we know other search engines exist but do they really?) and writing some of the amazing content you see on Iperdesign. I also get to do fun tasks like creating case studies, which allows me to see some of the incredible work we’re doing here at the agency.

What are some of your current goals?

My biggest goal as a kid was to make enough money to take my mom on a trip to England. I achieved that in 2019, planned to go in 2020, and everything went sideways. So now, I’m going to take her in 2022 for 17 amazing days.

Professionally, my ongoing goal is to always learn something new. Fortunately, in SEO, Google is always releasing algorithms that make learning a necessity.

What is one writing or designing pet peeve of yours?

My biggest pet peeve pertains to the most important part of my job: people undervaluing the power and value of SEO. It is truly such an important part of a brand’s identity and a brand’s ability to bring in new customers. I see so many businesses that think of SEO as the sprinkles on a cake (ie the topping that comes after cake and frosting), but really, SEO is the cake. You can’t have frosting and sprinkles without it. Well, that’s not true: you can, it just won’t be as satisfying to the person you’re serving it to.

My second pet peeve is ridiculous analogies.

When you show people around Philadelphia, where do you take them first?

As a true-crime aficionado, how can I not mention the Eastern State Penitentiary? It is such an incredible place, especially during the spooky season of Halloween, when they typically host a haunted house and let you walk through the prison. I also adore the Mütter Museum. I find all that stuff incredibly fascinating, and I love sharing it with like-minded people. I’m pretty sure, though, that this is why Iperdesign doesn’t let me run the tours of Philly for new clients and employees.

If you weren’t at work today, what would you be doing?

My second greatest passion in the world is my dogs, and I would be out hanging with mine, likely at the park, or exploring some trails with them. I’m always trying to find new places for them to explore and sniff, and usually, it’s a good excuse for me to be out doing some mushroom hunting myself.

Do you have any music or podcast recommendations?

I have five brothers, no sisters, and they ALL listen to different types of music. I listen to anything from Adele to Slipknot, so I typically can give music recommendations in any genre, but here’s my advice for people looking to discover something new: Don’t sleep on the Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify. Sometimes, it recommends some really good music and can introduce you to artists you may never have come across otherwise. It can also have off weeks, so keep trying, over the course of a month. Usually, the new list is released on Monday, so be sure to save anything you like to a new playlist. I have like 50 playlists I’ve built just from Discover Weekly recommendations.

As for podcasts, my two favorites are My Favorite Murder (hey, murderinos!) and Last Podcast on the Left. I also am loving Season 3 of Up and Vanished, which is investigating the disappearance of a missing indigenous woman, Ashley Loring HeavyRunner.

Any hidden skills or talents?

I’m a bit of an animal whisperer. I’m not exactly sure what it is, but animals trust me and let me come close to them. It’s a skill that has helped me with dog rescues. When dogs won’t let anyone else near them, I’m able to find that connection with them and help make them comfortable.

Who is someone you admire and why?

My mom. My mom raised 6 kids, one of which was disabled, worked full-time as a registered nurse, helped us through college, kept us safe and sane, paid for her mortgage, and never asked for a thing in return. When her work told her she had to go back to school to get her Bachelor’s degree, she switched to working nights, so she could go to school during the day, sleep for a couple of hours, and work the nights. And when she realized we needed help during the week to get to school and extracurricular activities? She switched to working every weekend. She’s the strongest, most selfless human being on the planet, and I can’t fathom admiring anyone more than I do her.

If you were to write an autobiography what would the title be?

Kick A$$, Chew Bubblegum: One Woman’s Guide To Doing Both