Iperdesign’s 2020 Awards

Let’s just say it has been a very different kind of year here at Iperdesign. 2020 started off very well, but then the entire world was thrown a curveball. March was a very tough month for everyone, but we like to think we were relatively lucky here. All of our team stayed healthy, which we are very grateful for. Our problems were of a different nature. Like so many other businesses we had to transfer to remote work and while challenging, we adapted quickly. Our very skilled employees, interns, and executives are very talented with technology and learned to change the way work got done. Not being in the office every day has been hard, and we cannot wait to get back and see our wonderful clients and co-workers again in person. Over the year we were awarded recognition from Clutch, AppFutura, AD World Masters and Expertise. This includes our most recent award from Clutch for being a Top Global B2B Company in 2020. Even though we love winning awards our client’s satisfaction is even more important to us. While this year may have been a little tougher than normal it was still our 20th anniversary and it’s one that was celebrated differently with awards, hand sanitizer, and masks.

Awards Won

First, for AppFutura a service used to find the IT and Marketing companies we won several awards. They are:

  • Top Web Developer Philadelphia

  • Top Web Development Company United States

  • Top App Development Company Philadelphia

  • Top App Development Company United States

  • Top Digital Marketing Company Philadelphia

  • Top Digital Marketing Company United States

Next, we would like to thank AD World Masters, a service that uses artificial intelligence to rank agencies worldwide. They awarded us an Agency of the Year Silver award.

Another company that gave us multiple honors is who they describe themselves as, “Your data-driven field guide for B2B buying and hiring decisions”. From them we have earned:

  • Top 1000 Companies Global 2020

  • Top B2B Companies Global 2020

  • Top Developers Pennsylvania 2020

  • Top UX Agencies 2020

Last but not least is the award from Expertise for Best Branding Agencies in Philadelphia. Expertise is a website used to find the “Best Local Experts For The Job.”

Once again we would like to thank all of our clients, employees, and the great award companies that helped us win these awards and look forward to 2o21, where we will strive to win even more.

By Drew Armstrongr