A Coffee with Sam

During the winter, it is important to warm up and take a break every once in a while. So we stopped in with our new Senior Graphic Designer Sam for a cup of socially distanced coffee. We talked about his new job at Iperdesign, and life in Italy.

What is your role at Iperdesign?

At Iperdesign I work with everything related to the graphic design field, more specifically:

-Preparing rough drafts of material based on an agreed brief with clients regarding design style, format, and print production.

-Developing concepts, graphics, and layouts for product illustrations, company logos, and websites.

-Reviewing final layouts and suggesting improvements related to the digital world as social media and print production.

What are some of your current goals?

I’m focused on constantly improving my passions and hobbies, while also continuing to improve my economic stability that will allow me to build a great future.

What is one designing or coding pet peeve of yours?

I must confess I am a detail-oriented guy, so when working on client work, it is sometimes a challenge to interpret feedback that is not always visual regarding certain projects.  I like to deliver exactly what the client needs to meet their expectations and prevent guess work.


When you show people around the city, where do you take them?

Here in South Italy, the food is amazing! The first place I’d take someone would definitely be a good restaurant. After a great meal, I’d take my guest to the beach. In Calabria, there are many heavenly places near the seaside, like Tropea, Scilla and many more.

If you weren’t at work today what would you be doing?

I always keep my freelancing work active, as I continuously would heavily study at university and learn beyond the coursework. Besides that, I  like to keep myself open to explore new opportunities or a direct search for upcoming projects.

Music or Podcast recommendations?

That is a hard question, I would recommend different kinds of music depending on my mood.
For example, when I exercise, I listen to rap or hip-hop music (I love NF) and when I work I prefer relaxing music that is instrumental.

Any hidden skills or talents?

Besides my design passion, there are other technical skills I work on, such as learning more about technology innovation in hardware and uncovering the logistics of software.

Who is someone you admire and why?

I am a fan of every person who puts love and passion into what he/she does. To me, this is the most important thing along with experience. Because of this, there are many hard-working people that inspire me in my day to day life.

If you were to write an autobiography what would the title be?

Guess Lorem Ipsum! (Just kidding.)

Any Closing Thoughts?

I define myself as a creative and open-minded individual.  I love creating, spending time with my girlfriend, watching Netflix, listening to music, and exercising. I enjoy organizing my life by tasks and that’s why I compare living my life to playing a game, as it is so amusing!