Holiday e-Commerce Shopping Tips with Iperdesign

Black Friday shopping will be drastically different this year because of the pandemic. While there are many challenges to businesses and consumers alike, there are many opportunities for businesses that have prepared.

Sales may be lost in physical stores, but there are many new methods of E-commerce that have been greatly expanded. One method that we are very familiar with here is how customers have started shopping through social media. A new study finds that 55% of online shoppers have bought something off of a social media platform. This was a statistic taken from before quarantine and has no doubt increased.

This year Cyber Monday will be more important than Black Friday. Stores will have limited capacity, minimal holiday hours, and curbside pickup orders to fulfill.  Therefore Cyber Monday deals will likely be more important. These deals will not only make consumers feel more comfortable, they will be much more accessible. These benefits may lead to the most exciting opportunity for E-Commerce on Cyber Monday we have had.

How to Improve your Cyber Monday

One tactic that will help your business’s E-Commerce strategy is to have a last-minute extended sale. This would entail starting Cyber Monday deals on Friday alongside Black Friday deals. Also running the deals longer than normal, all weekend, and even into the following week will be helpful.

Another tactic that is often overlooked but is very powerful too; in E-commerce for Black Friday/Cyber Monday are hashtags. Hashtags help users that are specifically looking for deals. Some examples of this are:

#blackfriday #cybermonday #sale #blackfridaysale #blackfridaydeals

Add these in with your normal hashtags on your social media posts to boost web traffic impressions and drive sales. For even more examples click this link.

At Iperdesign we are focused on meeting your digital branding by building your E-Commerce platform. Give yourself an edge that will put you ahead of your rivals!

By Drew Armstrong