5 Tips For Your Social Media Strategy

It is undeniable that in 2020 businesses that want to stand out from the crowd have to have Social Media accounts that really catch the attention of their customers. With 94% of businesses still actively using Facebook it can be hard to think of how best to go about starting a business page on social media, let alone planning your content strategy.

The first thing iperdesign recommends any client or business do is think about their overall design as each account is highly customizable and a tailored page that has had thought put into the design is a lot better for users than just creating an account for the sake of having one.

It is important to keep in mind is brand identity, as it is not recommended to use a beautiful image in your banner on Facebook, just for the sake of having a beautiful image. Each space should be used to tell users exactly what you do and who your business is, our top tips for your social media accounts are as follows:

Consistency is Key.

Don’t be worried that making templates will make your social media content too similar, it’s good to be consistent in how you deliver your message. We provided these templates to CTI to make their brand visible at a glance and keep all of their social media posts consistent.

Invest in Videos if Possible.

The Instagram Engagement Report shows that video content on average generates 150 comments, compared to images averaging 65 comments, and carousel (multiple images in one post) averaging 80 comments. It is clear to see that video is more engaging for audiences that are scrolling on their feed and you can capitalize on this by creating content such as this video we made for The Wall Street Journal.

Use Analytics to your Advantage.

It’s smart to know how content is performing after you post it, and with a business page on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn you can check your “insights”. These should steer your next month’s strategy with you posting more of what does well, and less of what is not getting attention. You can see everything from when your followers are most active to demographic and locations, use these to your advantage.  Your followers do like to see the human side of your company, so do not be scared to put pictures up of any office parties or award ceremonies to see how these perform.

Make Staff Portraits Consistent.

Your staff portraits are a missed branding opportunity if they are not all uniform in appearance. It can be annoying especially if you have a new influx of staff but it pays off in the end for people to instantly be able to know if a person is on your staff purely by their icon on LinkedIn.

Make your Content Useful.

Starting a video series is no small task, especially one that is informative. One idea is to provide a video FAQ, or take fan-submitted questions, to have content you know will lead to audience engagement. Your audience wants exclusive access to information that only you can provide such as the Asked & Answered series we produced for Stampone O’Brien Dilsheimer Law.

Putting it Together.

If you follow these five tips you will be several steps ahead of the competition when it comes to planning your Social Media Strategy. If you would like to discuss how we would craft your Social Media Strategy to meet all of your business needs, use the contact us form.