5 Upcoming Website Design Trends

It is important to try and get ahead of the curve with upcoming trends. Whether you want to fully overhaul your website for 2020 or just give it a tune-up, here are some website design trends you might want to implement.


3D Technology

With this rise of 3d software such as Blender, it’s no surprise that more and more websites are incorporating a 3d element into their design. This can be as simple as making a 3d visual that aids with navigation. This adds a new layer to a website and makes it more of an experience to view items.


Hand Drawn

Adding a touch of personality is easy when you do hand-drawn images or icons. These allow you to show off the human side of your brand while adding positivity. The drawings don’t need to be perfectly polished and the closer to a doodle the better. An easy way to implement these is through your navigation icons.


Soft Shadows

Add a soft shadow to make an element look like it’s floating or coming out of the screen at you. This gives further depth to your website and adds perspective. This technique is mainly utilized by retail stores on the home page hero image to give it more impact. If you like the idea of a 3d element, but don’t want it to be too overpowering, then this technique is for you.


Combining Photography and Graphics

Mixing both photographic elements with illustrations or graphics really adds a custom feel to your website. Use this along with hand-drawn icons to let your users know that you really went above and beyond to make your website yours. The implementation of this technique softens the placement of photography allowing you to be more creative with the overall design.


Dark Mode

The support for Dark Mode across all browsers and apps is something we expect to see more of. Dark Mode allows users their choice of having white text and black background, instead of the standard white on black. Not only does it save the user from eye strain but it allows them a viewing choice. We recommend considering a design that will work with both modes just to be future proof and keep people coming back to your website.

If you’d like to redesign your website or even have a custom one made using some of these techniques, contact iperdesign today to chat with us about your ideas!

By Jonathan George