A Coffee with Jonathan

We chatted to Jon our Copywriter and Editor about his love of cats, spicy curries and true crime.

What is your role at iperdesign?

I’m in charge of all the words that leave the building. Be that on a brochure, website or graphic. I make sure everything is consistent and fun to read. I also have a role in creating content for the social media accounts we operate.

What are some of your current goals?

I plan to write and publish my own novel, learn how to engrave metal, create a jewelry line and be constantly making things, it doesn’t matter what things. I previously worked in jewelry sales and photography for two years so I have an eye for design and I know how to have things made, I just need to focus my energy in a productive way.

What is one designing or coding pet peeve of yours?

Forgetting that I’m working on InDesign and not Photoshop and wondering why what I’m doing isn’t working the way I want it to.

When you show people around Philadelphia where do you take them?

I take people to one of several restaurants depending on what food they like. I’m a South Philadelphia guy so I enjoy getting brunch in the Italian Market. I am also a fan of spicy curries and two of my favorites in the city are Ratchada and New Delhi. I also really like Spruce Street Harbor Park and walking by the river.

If you weren’t at work today what would you be doing?

I can be found playing video games on my custom built gaming computer. I am originally from England, so any time I’m not working usual hours I try to call back home, as they’re 5 hours ahead of the East Coast.

Music or Podcast recommendations?

For music, I am always in the mood for City and Color. I listen to a lot of Podcasts and the main one I listen to while working is ‘Ologies’ by Alie Ward. The premise is she interviews anyone with ‘Ologist’ in their title, so it’s discussions on a range of topics from eggs to trains. I’m also a true crime fan so S-Town is the Podcast I recommend to anyone who is just getting into them, it’s about a potential murder in a small town.

Any hidden skills or talents?

I’m incredibly good at finding lost earrings, working in jewelry for two years made my eyes very sharp, even though I have glasses.

Who is someone you admire and why?

Bill Burr. I respect anybody who managed to make a career doing what they love. I follow a lot of comedians on social media because, other than the constant travel, it seems like the perfect life.

If you were to write an autobiography what would the title be?

“America, Ninja, Worrier” because I moved to America, I became a ninja and I worry.